Ancient hill Gohar Tepe
2015-12-07 09:45

Gohar Tepe historical site, with a 50 hectare area, is

located in eastern parts of Mazandaran province between

the cities of Neka and Behshahr, north of Iran. It is one of

the most important historical sites of Mazandaran

province located near the Caspian Sea, which carries the

secret of an ancient civilization. It is also believed that

Gohar Tepe once enjoyed a complicated urbanization

with a history that goes back to some 7,000 years ago.

Based on stratigraphical studies done over the past few

decades on the site, the existence of Gohar Tepe dates

back to the middle Bronze Age and continued to the Iron

Age. However, the most ancient cultural layers found in

the area belong to the Neolithic period, some 14,000

years ago, which are very similar to those found in neigh-

bouring areas and Central Asia 

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The region is known to have been populated from early antiquity, and Mazandaran has changed hands among various dynasties from early in its history. There are several fortresses remaining from Parthian and Sassanid times, and many older cemeteries scattered throughout the province.
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