Kolbadi House
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Located in Enqelab street, Ab-Anbar-Now district in Sari, this house was built some 120 years ago at the order of Sardar Jalil. Later on it was called Amiriyeh. Having a rectangular plan, it is a two-story-high building with a shah-neshin (a raised platform on which the king and his courtiers sit), lateral chambers, tessellated sashed windows and tiled roof. Today this building houses the History Museum of Sari.

 Vaziri Bath 

Dating back to the Qajar period, it is located at the center of Sari, nearKolbadi house. Due to its magnificent architecture, it is one of the most important tourist centers of Sari.  Nowadays, the monument houses the Anthropology Museum of Sari.



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The region is known to have been populated from early antiquity, and Mazandaran has changed hands among various dynasties from early in its history. There are several fortresses remaining from Parthian and Sassanid times, and many older cemeteries scattered throughout the province.
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